Shaolin Training

Shaolin training! You can train just like a Shaolin monk. From the Shaolin Temple and it’s history to techniques that training techniques and hints, this site contains everything you need to be successful in your training, along with tips on how to learn kung fu in China.

There is no secret to Shaolin training, only hard work and determination. There is no magic bullet. It is simply as the work kung fu implies, hard work over time to accomplish skill. Those skills also vary depending on what your focus is. Shaolin training involves external and internal training.


This commitment to both the internal and external is vital to achieving a high level of ability for one can not truly flourish without the other.

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Learn Kung Fu in China

Read about Shaolin

Check out the Shaolin Temple

Find out about Shaolin Monks

The fundamentals of Shaolin Training can be found in the Shaolin Stances

Get acquainted with Shaolin Forms

One of the most important aspects of Shaolin Training is Stretching and Flexibility

Being an external method of kung fu training you will also need to improve you strength and power

An often overlooked but hugely important aspect of your training is your diet

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